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Concrete Patios

your backyard is calling you

Warm days, cool nights

Get more fun out of your backyard with a concrete patio

The high desert environment of the Boise area is perfect for entertaining guests outdoors on a cement patio. Concrete aborbs the heat of the sun, then releases it later when you are relaxing or grilling steaks. Be wary of the sun, trees, and wind direction.

Your Idaho home likely has a regular northwesterly wind. We can design a custom patio or a simple 10' x 20', so hanging out on the patio is always a good time. Although sizes range from courtyards to side yards to sprawling outdoor living areas, your home just isn't the same without a backyard patio in Boise or Meridian.

We design outdoor living areas that reflect your personal style and budget.

Curves or straight lines?

Your concrete patio is outside in the natural world. Mother nature does not design much with a ruler, so consider adding curves and rounded features to your cement patio. It will help soften the harsh hardscape, plus we can create a concrete stained patio using warm colors. Your new patio should be a relaxing atmosphere that blends with the architecture of your home and the natural landscape.

We have been designing patios since 1999

Always keep in mind that the best outdoor concrete patios create destinations in the backyard. Use walkways or concrete pavers to connect these destinations then create interest with focal points like water features, hot tubs, pools, ponds, arbors, as well as a patio fire pit, fireplaces, plantings, etc. And don’t forget the barbecue.

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